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Maui Photography is owned by Master Photographer Douglas Hoffman, and is the islands most established on location portraiture service. We specialize in creating portraits of families that capture the love and relationships that exist within the family, using the beautiful island of Maui as the backdrop. Over the years we have developed a three step process that enables us to consistently exceed our our clients expectations.

It all starts with good communication and planning. The more we know about your family before the session the better able we are to create portraits that capture your hearts and evoke emotional response. Using Skype, email, and the telephone we ask a lot of questions that help us determine where and when to create the portraits, suggest clothing that compliments the home the portraits will be displayed in, style of portrait desired, It also gives us the chance to determine how many different portraits are desired, what medium to print them, size of portraits, and of course cost. Clients appreciate that we take the time to make these decisions well before the actual day of the session, so they know what to expect as well as the costs.

The second part of the process is the actual portrait session. We will meet you at the agreed upon location and have fun creating your family portraits. One of the things that separates us from other companies is that Douglas always works with a lighting professional. Controlling, modifying, adding, and subtracting light is what allows Douglas to create portraits with depth, dimension, impact, and that evoke an emotional response. Maui is a beautiful place, however the sun can be brutal, creating all kinds of issues for photographers. This is why we use a variety of off camera lighting aids including large flash units, reflectors, and diffusors. A little flash on top of the camera just does not cut it. By managing the quality of light, Douglas is able to create portraits with rich shadow detail, stunning highlights, depth, dimension, and texture. This is far and above simply taking pictures.

The third part of the process is the viewing and ordering meeting that takes place as soon as 24 hours after the session. In this meeting clients get to see the best of their portraits projected on the big screen making it easy to select the best ones, and talk about cropping and sizing. We have tried hosting images on website for clients to view once they return home and found that clients could not easily view small pictures on the web and this makes it very hard to select the best images for printing and all too difficult to discuss retouching or cropping. We also learned that once people go home it is not easy for the decision makers to find time to view images and make decision.

There are over 300 photographers working on Maui, and out of that number there are a half dozen that have obtained a Master of Photography Degree. Those that have earned this prestigious degree have been tested on technical knowledge, lighting, artistic ability, composition, and storytelling and are at the top of their profession.

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