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Fine Art of Maui

Remember Maui with Maui photographs. A variety of sizes are available. To order contact us directly at (808) 870 3686.

I look forward to helping you acquire a piece or collection of art for your home or office. I am here to help! Please contact me to schedule a free consultation. I also invite you to email a photo of the place where you want to hang the art and the piece(s) your interested in. I will create a mockup for you and help you choose the size that will look best in your space. I offer open and limited edition portraits.

See our desktop website for best examples of available fine art.

I print on two mediums. The majority of my work is on aluminum and the rest is printed on canvas. The images offered on aluminum can be printed on canvas but the images offered on canvas are not offered on aluminum. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause but there are differences between the mediums and select images just look better on aluminum.

Aluminum is the most luminous medium to present photography. In other words, light loves this medium. It makes the image look high definition. Black and white images shimmer and color images pop to create stunning art that will never fade. The process starts with a specially coated piece of aluminum. Then a photographic print is made and the emulsion stripped away and placed on top of the metal. The artwork is placed in a machine which exerts high temperature and pressure to create a chemical reaction called sublimation. The image is actually infused onto the aluminum strata. When light falls on the art it also reflects through the art, thus the high level of luminosity.

Canvas is a more traditional medium and has great texture, density, and images printed on this medium appear to have a three dimensional appearance. The reason for this is that the canvas is made up of millions of rises and valleys within the cotton weave. As ink is applied it creates texture and when lit it adds dimensionality to the art.

Order Delivery Times

The majority of my work is created on demand and will be shipped to me for inspection, signing, and numbering, then sent directly to you. The normal turnaround is 3 weeks. If you have any special requests, such as a request for a personal note from the artist, please place a note on your order and I will be happy to assist you. This could be something like Happy Anniversary or as a memory of Maui. You can also email me at or call 808 870 3686

Shipping to United States Destinations

I ship via FedEx in most cases. Larger pieces may be handled by commercial shipping services. Anything larger than 30 x 40 must be crated as opposed to boxed.

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